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Rebeca Yasuda Photographer looking down



Your family is so beautiful, and I want to show you that through my photography. When I pick up a camera, I'm looking for genuine love and connection. Whether it's you snuggling your baby, your daughter twirling in a field, or your son giving kisses to daddy, when I see that love, I smile and feel peaceful. I want to create that feeling for you when I photograph you and your loved ones. 

Rebeca Martin Photographer portrait


Raising a family can be overwhelming and stressful. Babies, toddlers, older children, schools, jobs--it can be challenging, to say the least. It's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of life and miss day-to-day details. My photography sessions give you a moment to pause and connect with your family in a fun and special way.

No need to worry about finding the perfect outfit or forcing the perfect smile--just move, play, and have fun with the people you love most in this world. Your joy will shine through in your photos. Just be you.

I'm here to help you embrace the chaos and
see the beauty in the imperfection.

Old retro camera on vintage wooden boards



I've been taking pictures since I was eight years old. Much to the dismay of my father's checkbook, I took many, many, many film photos of my toys as they narrowly missed falling into hot lava, survived the great floods in the lands of Hose, or spent their days finishing homework after lessons with grandpa dog. It didn't matter what they were doing--I wanted to capture it. To me, they were alive. After my dad purchased a small digital camera, the creative opportunities were endless, and there was no looking back. 

In high school, I created videos of anything from jedi fights to gameshows with family and friends--endless hours of laughter here, even to this day. In college, I took pictures of everything that sparked inspiration and became more creative and interested in my photography.


Eventually, I stepped into the world of birth and fell in love. I love capturing genuine moments, where love and connection run high. Authenticity is beautiful, and I am so grateful and honored to be invited to photograph and film sacred spaces, events, and families. Photographing love and connection inspires me and leaves me with a deep satisfaction.



In 2012, I had a wonderful apprenticeship as a homebirth midwifery student. Watching families transform, forever changed, right in front of my eyes, created a fierce passion in my heart for all things birth. I love how birth requires you to be fully present in the most authentic way possible. The deep connection and genuine expression of the full range of emotions is amazing and beautiful to photograph. After my apprenticeship, I met the love of my life, and we welcomed two children into our lives via two beautiful homebirths. These experiences inspired me to become a homebirth doula in 2020 and NB Birth was born. After marrying my soul mate and welcoming our third baby via our third homebirth, my life-long passion for photography met face-to-face with my love for the authenticity of birth work, resulting in the launch of Rebeca Yasuda Photography. I now combine both passions to provide families with special memories they can cherish for generations. 

Rebeca Yasuda, Photographer, holding newborn baby, smiling



After I had my first baby, I was up to my ears in postpartum anxiety, and was surviving moment to moment. Of course, I was taking many pictures of my baby, but they were phone-quality, and only what I had the energy and ability to capture at that time.  It was then that my friend offered to take photos of my son with her professional-quality camera. I had never considered newborn photography before, and I happily agreed. However, even though I looked forward to it, I felt stressed about what I would need to do to prepare for a guest in my new-mother, new-baby, home.  When my friend arrived the day of the shoot, and she was gentle and kind. No props. No flashes. No outfits. It was baby-led and simple. My stress melted away. I was filled with joy. The pictures she took were beautiful! I loved every single one. I printed them and they are on display in my home, to this day. Even now, I smile when I look at them. I am forever grateful for my friend offering that lasting piece of happiness for me without added stress. I want to create that experience for the families I photograph. I want to provide easy, simple snapshots of joy and happiness that they can cherish throughout their life.



I am honored to be able to witness the sacred journey each laboring woman takes into that cosmic place of in-between. The journey beyond oneself, into a spiritual world where time ceases; where the whole world pauses, just for you, while you welcome a new soul into your heart. It is this mesmerizing place that fills me with strength and gratitude.


I enjoy trusting my intuition as an important guide for how and when to capture special moments, and I am continuously building upon my skill set and education to reinforce my innate understanding of the unique circumstances of each beautiful birth, each sweet, new baby, and each loving family. I am so thankful to be able to do what I love.

Drawing of a prengant woman. Artist is Rebeca Yasuda.

The dance of labor is beautiful and profound, and these moments carry with us through generations.

Certification Seal from International Doula Institute

I have received trainings from The Beauty In Birth and Birth Becomes You in photography, videography, and editing for birth photographers. I have received in-person training from Spinning Babies, Breech without Borders, as well as DONA trainings for birth professionals in breast feeding, childbirth, and doula care. I am trained and certified as a birth doula through International Doula Institute. I am enjoying my journey, and I am deeply happy to serve this wonderful community.

Wooden box with candles, burning an umbilical cord.


Rebeca is kind, warm, and made everyone in our family feel comfortable in front of the camera (even me and I generally don't enjoy having my picture taken). She has amazing ideas and turns even the most uninteresting settings into beautiful backdrops for photos. Rebeca has a natural talent for capturing the simple joys in each moment and the little details that might go unnoticed by other photographers. I am in love with the moments she captured for our family and super impressed by how quickly she had our gorgeous, edited photos back to us. I will 100% be hiring her again and referring her to friends and family.


From a scale of one to 10 stars, I give Rebeca Yasuda 20! This was the first time my family had professional photographs taken, and we are so incredibly happy that Rebeca was our photographer. She was kind, easy going, professional, respectful, and fun. Rebeca put us at ease from the first moment, and we actually forgot she was there towards the end of our session. We just had fun together as Rebeca quietly worked around us, capturing wonderful moments. Her amazing instincts and eye resulted in breathtaking pictures that we will cherish forever. Thank you so much Rebeca for orchestrating such a wonderful experience for us and for providing us with a wealth of beautiful pictures! They truly are priceless!


I’ve had the pleasure of having Rebeca photograph my birth and then take family photos. She’s amazing! She turns those priceless moments into beautiful, forever lasting memories. She doesn’t miss anything because that camera doesn’t leave her hand. I couldn’t be happier with her work, I highly recommend!


Our photo session with Rebeca was actually really fun. Her happy and gentle nature made taking photos easy and enjoyable. My children responded well to her and I didn’t feel any sense of awkwardness because she guides the entire session so smoothly. Needless to say, our photos turned out amazing. They aren’t just quality photos, they’re memories captured in a special place with genuine smiles. And that is truly priceless.


We recently had the pleasure of working with Rebeca Yasuda. She is an extremely personable individual, with an artistic eye for photography. Our family photos turned out perfect and now we have beautiful memories we can cherish.


​Rebeca is hands down an amazing doula! I gave birth to my first child in May 2021. I was terrified of so many things; what to expect during labor, how to cope with the pain, how to get my mindset right to push, how the hospital would respect my birth plan, the list went on. Rebeca met with me several times to learn about me, what my labor and delivery birth wishes were, and helped develop a birth vision. I could text or call her at anytime to ask any questions. No matter how small or silly it sounded, she put my mind at ease. Now, the morning of my labor… she was at my house immediately after letting her know labor started. We labored at home for a while until I felt it was time to go to the hospital. While at home and at the hospital, Rebeca kept me calm and gave me exercises to help with the labor pain. Rebeca worked so well with the hospital staff. They made such a great team, they even thanked her for being there. We tried different positions to help my baby girl come out. We used essential oils for nausea. Again, Rebeca respected all of my requests during labor. Whatever I needed, she was there. Rebeca didn’t stop at that… she continued to support me postpartum with frequent check ins. I honestly can’t imagine going through this birth and postpartum without her. Beyond Rebeca’s doula services, she also does photography. She respectfully requested my permission to photograph my labor and delivery. I let her know what I was comfortable with and she never violated our agreement. I am SO thankful I stepped out of my comfort zone because those photos were nothing short of beautiful! Pictures that I thought I would cringe at, gave me happy goosebumps. They are once in a lifetime memories that I’m forever thankful she captured. Thank you Rebeca!


I cannot say enough nice things about Rebeca! This was my third child, but my first time attempting a homebirth. I wanted to have someone that could help support me and my husband during this process. We found that and so much more. Rebeca is incredibly passionate, kind, and knowledgeable. She is very open and easy to talk to. It was great to have someone who I felt truly cared about me and what I needed. She had so many wonderful insights and suggestions that helped me before, during, and after delivery. It was nice to see her interact with our kids and blend in with our family. Rebeca showed up in the middle of the night for labor and helped with my pain and our kids. She not only provided amazing support - she was our photographer as well! The pictures were high quality and professional. I know if I ever have another the only person I could think of having as our doula is Rebeca. There are not enough words to express how thankful and blessed we are to have her in our lives.


My husband and I met Rebeca for the first time in the delivery room as the doctors were starting my induction. She was the back-up for our doula. As fate would have it, another one of our doula's clients was induced that same day, and our doula needed to be with them. I was nervous to invite a stranger to the birth of our child, but Rebeca was amazing! Her gentle spirit and calm demeanor were a perfect fit for us. I am certain her suggestions for position changes and reminders to relax are the reason I was able to labor and deliver without an epidural or pain meds. We are so grateful that she was present for our special day and consider her part of our family. I highly recommend Rebeca's services and know any family would be lucky to call her their doula.


Rebeca attended the birth of my son. I can't put into words how valuable her presence was! She intuitively knew what I needed, even before I did at times, and her calm and steady demeanor and touch helped to anchor me as I relaxed into the rhythm of labor. She respected and supported my birth plan. It was incredibly comforting to know that if plans changed and we had to go to the hospital, Rebeca would be there to advocate on my behalf and ensure that my wishes were followed to the best of her ability. This knowledge allowed me to release the stress of "what if" and truly surrender. My son was born at home, and it was wonderful! Rebeca played an integral part of that process and I will be forever grateful to her for being by my side during that life changing experience!


Rebeca is a kind and caring soul. She truly loves what she does and is incredibly passionate about birth. The way I ended up meeting Rebeca was through complete luck, and I feel so blessed that she helped me navigate such a sensitive territory. I ask a lot of questions and she was always supportive and quick to provide us with educational resources. She was also really big on making sure I knew how to advocate for myself, which is not always easy when you’re doing a hospital birth. My pregnancy journey ended up having some unexpected hiccups and Rebeca went above and beyond and was such an emotional anchor for me. I couldn’t recommend her enough!



What is your photographic style? I like to use a combination of traditional, documentary, and lifestyle photography to capture images of genuine connection and detail that make you smile and feel loved. I use natural light and do not use props. I encourage movement and play during my sessions to capture authentic joy and connection. My images have a more artsy flare when compared to traditional family portraits, and they tell a story of the love between your family in this specific moment of your life. Your gallery of images will have many different details from our session—close up, far away, hands, toes, hair, kisses, snuggles, movement, laughter, whatever catches my eye—that you can display in your home as pieces of art. Another wonderful idea is to create an archival photo album as a part of your family history that can be passed down for generations (these albums can be ordered easily from your online gallery--no need to create the layout, it will be done for you).

What should I wear for my family session? The most important thing for our session is for you to feel comfortable. If you are wearing clothes that make you feel stiff, your photos will look stiff. That being said, it’s always nice to wear clothes that look nice—it’s better not to look like you just rolled out of bed (unless we are doing a newborn or birth-space photoshoot—those are special circumstances). Dressy casual, I think, with a little bit more of an emphasis on causal, would be the most general way to describe it. In my family sessions, I may have you sitting and lying down in the grass or weeds, so if you are worried about getting a fashionable item dirty, best to wear something else. Please avoid text, graphics, and logos—they are distracting and take away from the feel of the photo. These photos are all about feeling and connection, and those kinds of things break the spell, so to speak. Neon, or really bright, loud colors, are also a good thing to avoid. Those colors have a habit of reflecting onto faces and skin, making it very difficult to correct later on. We are going for a natural, relaxed vibe in these photos, so it’s best to not have identical outfits. Color coordination is wonderful, but it looks outdated and forced when outfits are matching without any variation. If you are having trouble, I recommend taking a look at family photos that you enjoy, and getting a feel for the kinds of outfits that were worn in those photos. If you still have trouble and don’t know where to even begin, please reach out to me, I will gladly help!

Where will my session be held? •Family and Maternity: On location or in your home. •Birth, Golden Hour, and Fresh 48: In your birth space. •Newborn and Sitter: In your home. I use natural light for all of my sessions (the only exception may be sitter sessions, where I may use a flash).

When do newborn sessions occur? I love capturing newborn sessions within the first month of life. However, since I don’t require a sleepy baby for posing, I have flexibility with this time frame.

When do maternity sessions occur? It’s best to schedule maternity sessions for after 30 weeks of pregnancy, to ensure a nice, round, belly. I would recommend scheduling before week 36, since those last weeks leading up to birth can be quite challenging for some. Ultimately, the precise timing is up to you.

How do I contact you for Birth, Golden Hour, and Fresh 48 sessions? We will have time to cover the finer details of those sessions after you book with me. I will send out e-mails with information you need. Generally, you will text or call my cell phone at the appropriate time, and I will head your way.

When and how will I get my digital photos? You will receive your session photos within four weeks following your session. These photos are hand-edited, print-ready, high-resolution, digital files, with a print-release, and will be available for viewing and downloading in a private, online gallery.

When, how, and where can I order prints or albums? You will receive your photos, within four weeks of your session, in a private, online gallery. You can download your images and print them on your own, or you can choose to order prints and albums easily from your online gallery. If you choose to order an album, you do not need to spend time and energy arranging the layout. Let me do that work for you. All you need to do is click a few buttons and enjoy your archival-quality album.

How do you choose which images are included in my gallery? I take time to review each image from our session, and I select the images I think are the best. I look for images that show genuine connection and love within your family, as well as images that best represent my artistic style. Each session is unique, just like each family is unique.

What is the total cost? My prices are all-inclusive--you do not have to pay per image. The price of the session grants you access to your gallery images. The decision to order physical prints after the session is completely up to you. Visit my PRICING page to learn more.

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